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To diagnose and treat our patients more effectively, Castle Hills Emergency Room offers our own on-site imaging and lab services. Our leading-edge imaging tools allow our doctors to use advanced science to provide convenient, accurate, and cost-effective images. They then analyze these images to diagnose your ailment and suggest treatment options. This ensures quicker diagnoses when a patient needs emergency treatment.

What Are Diagnostic Imaging Services?

Diagnostic imaging is a non-invasive method that allows a doctor to see inside a patient’s body to diagnose an injury or illness. It helps your physician determine the cause of your condition and to monitor how well your body is responding to treatment. We offer several diagnostic imaging methods here at our facility, including:

  • Ultrasound – Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to examine internal organs. It is often used during pregnancy and surgery, or to diagnose conditions such as kidney injuries, gallstones, or prostatic hyperplasia.
  • CT Scan – A computed tomography (CT) scan, formerly known as a CAT scan, uses a computer to combine multiple cross-sectional X-Ray images of the patient’s bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels. It can be used for many purposes, including diagnosing cancer, stroke, or damage to the internal organs, as well as pinpointing the location of a blood clot, tumor, or bone fracture.
  • X-Ray – An X-Ray uses electromagnetic radiation to penetrate the body and produce images of its internal structures, primarily bones. They are mainly used to detect broken bones, but they can also be used in radiation therapy for some types of cancers.

What Are Laboratory Services?

Clinical laboratory services are used to analyze specimens for information that helps diagnose and treat diseases. Specialized equipment examines biological samples, such as blood, urine, mucus, or tissue samples. Our laboratory testing services have premier accreditation from COLA, Inc., ensuring our tests are accurate and safe. Whether you are a patient of ours or need walk-in lab services, you can count on us for expert testing and analysis.

Our imaging and lab services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with medical emergencies. Injuries can occur at any time, and immediate access to lab and imaging services helps us diagnose and treat without delay.

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